Tough Question…which is your favorite monster? King Kong came on the scene first (1933) and although incredibly large and powerful he also seems to have a compassionate side. Godzilla(1954) is pure monster intent on destroying anything in it’s path and with it’s size, power, and peanut sized brain. I am slightly prejudiced toward King Kong myself having watched him stand on top of the Empire State Building a 100 times swatting down airplanes only to eventually succumb to man’s fear of him. Godzilla lovers find enjoyment in his ability to simply kick-ass which he does well. Kong comes from a scenic island in the Pacific called Skull Island where he lives with other over-sized animals, but Kong is the largest and strongest of them all, he is King. He is captured by an American film crew who take him to New York to be exhibited as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, then all hell breaks loose as he escapes from his chains. Godzilla is a enormous, violent, prehistoric sea creature awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation. It’s clear that Kong is an oversized gorilla while Godzilla is an amphibious reptile like monster that resembles a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur. In terms of looks I have to give Godzilla the point. Godzilla is a Japanese creation and many believe he is a metaphor for nuclear weapons with the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still fresh in the Japanese consciousness. Both are icons in the monster world and both have been the star of multiple movies and comic books. Kong even has his own ride at Universal Studios. What King Kong lacks in brute force he makes up in intelligence when fighting his enemies. Godzilla is all about brute force with little intelligence…he could take out a city much faster than King Kong. What I like about Kong is that he seemed to enjoy kicking back on his own private Pacific island until taken away by a group of foreigners. He becomes destructive only when put in new surroundings and displayed as a freak show. He was actually trying to save the live of the beauty when climbing the Empire State Building with her in his hand. Godzilla on the other hand does not like humans or anything else that gets in his way. His mission is to destroy anything and everything. Surprisingly Godzilla does not eat human beings but instead sustains himself on radiation. That doesn’t men he won’t kill them with a stomp of his foot or a big swing of his tail. It would seem that Godzilla would have the upper hand in a fight with King Kong and the two actually met and fought in the 1962 Japanese classic, King Kong vs. Godzilla. Godzilla comes on land in Tokyo and begins to wipe-out the city with his atomic breath. The Japanese army has no solution so they go to Skull Island and drug Kong in hopes of bringing him to Tokyo to fight Godzilla to the death. The plan goes array when Kong wakes up and breaks his chains (again). When Kong reaches the mainland he meets up with Godzilla and an epic fight begins. Kong hurls some large boulders at Godzilla, but Godzilla shoots his atomic breath at Kong’s chest forcing the ape to retreat. Godzilla continues his rampage until he is slowed down by 1,000,000 volts of electricity. Kong follows him and the fighting continues throughout the night. They take a break and begin in the morning and Godzilla has the advantage with powerful tail attacks and eventually knocks him unconscious. An electrical storm wakes Kong up and restores his energy. The revitalized Kong starts swinging Godzilla around by the tail and eventually into the ocean. After an underwater battle, only Kong emerges from the water and begins to swim back to his home island. As Kong swims home, onlookers aren’t sure if Godzilla survived, but speculate that it is possible. He must have survived because Godzilla is currently back in the movie theaters again. The first fight goes to King Kong and many are waiting for a rematch.


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