peyton        Bruno

Everything was going perfect on Sunday prior to 3:30pm. My wife and I had arrived an hour earlier to a Super Bowl party hosted by good friends, Dean and Nancy Darr. The ample amount of food was laid out beautifully, the cooler was full of chilled beer, betting boxes were made and posted for us to fill up, and two big screen TV’s had the pre-game on. I was rooting for the Broncos and Vegas had them as the favorite. It was a perfect scenario for a great Super Bowl…then the game started. Denver receives the kick-off and on the first play from scrimmage they snap the ball over Peyton Manning’s head. It appeared that Peyton was walking up to the line of scrimmage when the snap came, total confusion, and 12-seconds in to the game the score was 2-0 and Denver had to punt the ball away. OK, bad break for the Broncos, but the game had just started and Peyton, who was announced the league’s MVP for the 5th time only a day earlier, was sure to get back on track, wrong. Things just got worse, the #1 offense in the NFL ended the 1st qtr. with no first downs and a total of 11-yards on offense. I still believed, the score was only 8-0 with three quarters to play. The second qtr. continued down the road of pure ugliness with Peyton and the Broncos looked confused and totally out of rythym. Finally halftime came and the record breaking Bronco offense still had 0-points, two interceptions and a safety. Score 22-0 and still a confused Denver team. Time for half-time adjustments and a breakthrough in the second half…wrong again. When Seattle’s Percy Harvin returned the second half kick-off 87-yards for a TD I had a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach and it was a precursor of things to come, more ugliness and at the end of three, 36-8. It would now take a miracle to pull this game out and the Broncos had no miracles left. They tried an onside kick to change the momentum and that failed also. The Seahawks scored another touchdown and it was at this point I thought it would be fair to bring in the mercy rule like in little league. If a team was getting it’s ass kicked this bad and looking ugly doing it, just call the game and give it to Seattle or play the fourth quarter with the clock running continuosly. Not in the NFL, that would be less time for $4 million commercials which I thought stunk this year. Advertisers were trying so hard to be different that the more traditional ads seemed to stand out. What was Danika Patrick doing all buffed out with huge muscles? Even Budweiser missed the boat with their zany and confusing first half commercials. The more traditional ad with the puppy and clydesdales was the best of the lot.

I would give the Super Bowl MVP to Bruno Mars. He did a fantastic job of entertaining the viewers at halftime. Even though he is only 28 and not your typical Super Bowl legendary performer he brought life to a dead football game. Locked Out of Heaven was energetic and his back-up group was great and got involved with the whole act. Tickets for Bruno Mars went on sale this morning at 10am for two nights at the Hollywood Bowl and I tried to buy four as Carol loves Bruno Mars also but it sold out in minutes. Throwing in the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a mistake to me…fortunately they were a quick in and out. I did win $100 in the box pool for having  8 & 0 in the 1st quarter. The food at the party was excellent and plentiful. The company was friendly and football knowledgable. The halftime show was fantastic. I have to admit Seattle’s defense was also awesome. Everything was great except for the game itself…it really stunk. I would have never guessed that Denver could look so lost. The Manning myth is going to take a hit and deservingly so based on his Super Bowl performance, but you can’t take away his record setting regular season. On Sunday he looked more like 57-years old, than the actual 37, which is old enough for a NFL QB. Seattle’s Russell Wilson at 5-11 gave inspiration to smaller players and was actually only the second black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Washington’s Doug Williams was the first. Bottom line is that I couldn’t have been more wrong about the game, I really thought it would be a close one with Denver winning. My only correct call was to bet the over at 47-points…I just didn’t think that Seattle would score 43 of them.



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