While I was cruising Pasadena doing errands on a Saturday morning the radio was on and a funny discussion started between the two disc jockeys. One asked the other, How long does it take the Sun’s light to reach Earth? The other disc jockey had no clue so they brought in other employees at the station and randomly asked the same question…How long does it take sunlight to reach us here on Earth? The answers ranged from instantaneous to 24-hours, a big gap. I personally had no idea and my guess was way off. I will wager that your guess will not be within 50% either way of the correct answer. It’s an important question because what if a gigantic meteor hurtling through space collided with the sun and sent the sun off orbit , or even worse broke up the sun into thousands of smaller pieces, wouldn’t you want to know how long you had to go get a sweater. I mean it would definitely get colder and darker too. This is the type of thing I lay awake at night worrying about. Sure the sun has been coming up each morning for tens of thousands of years, but I have a hunch that the time is near and I want to prepare everyone to have their warm clothes ready and batteries for your flashlights. I’m sure that will cover you in a world without light or warmth, scientists may disagree. I keep a flashlight by my bed and a jacket in a nearby closet just in case…so I’m good to go. Ok, I put the correct answer at the bottom of the page. If your guess without going to google or any other reference is within 50% either way of the correct answer you win a pair of batteries so you can survive without sunlight also. I’ll meet you at the 7/11 convenience store where we can live off slurpees and microwave burritos.

ANSWER: 8-minutes & 20-seconds


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