People have become instant multi-millionaires by winning the lottery, finding oil in their backyard while hunting for some food, inheriting a fortune, just everyday ways of making a big chunk of money. I’m surprised people don’t do it more often. The next question is: What are you going to do with all this new found dinero? Responses are generally – I’m buying a new mansion, I’m buying a private jet, classic cars, vacationing around-the-world- in 80 days, jewelry or the classic – I’m going to continue working and not change anything…SHAAA. Me, I would want my own submarine. The sub would be like the “Fantastic Voyage” movie with a bow (front matey) that was all clear plastic like a big window in your living room. The whole front of the ship would have sofas, movie screens, small kitchen & bar, totally bumpin’ sound system all facing this enormous window. The sub would have massive floodlights in the front for nighttime. Just off the front viewing room would be bedrooms for my guests and family…it would be the coolest submarine ever. I would have a crew to take care of the navigation and maintenance. The first place I would visit would be Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob lives. It seems like such a cool place. I would surprise Sponge Bob at the Krusty Krab where he works and sit down and have a Krabby Patty Burger, sounds delicious. Hopefully Patrick will be there so I can say hi to him. I would then go over to see Sandy Cheeks and see what a Underwater Tree Dome is like…hopefully she will invite me in and I can see it from the inside. After saying goodbye to SpongeBob I would next visit Sub Diego where Aquaman and Aquagirl live. I’ve always wanted to know a super hero and I think I could best relate to Aquaman. I just hope he has a nice personality…people have told me their both really nice people. My next stop would be Atlanta. I learned about this underwater city from the Science Channel on a program called ” Futurama “. It’s a funny town and they have mermaids…that’s cool.  I would not waste my time looking for the “Lost City of Atlantis”, it isn’t real…DUHHH.

I would then set sail for the deep Pacific and play War Games. I would order the sub at cruising level and say those two epic words, ” Up Periscope”. I would look into the periscope for any fishing boats, cruise lines, or just a fancy yacht. I could then order “load torpedo one” and ” load torpedo two” and then take another look in my periscope before ordering ” Periscope Down”. Next command, “Fire Torpedo One” and “Fire Torpedo Two”. I could then go over to my radar man and watch an unsuspecting cruise ship get hit and slowly sumerge. I would continue my own War Games until people starting noticing ships going missing. The military would send battle ships after me and I could then do the next coolest thing, order the ship to the bottom of the ocean, “Take her down” and hide there without making a noise. Can’t even sneeze or drop a pencil or the battleship will hear us. The pressure of being so deep will put our lives in jeopardy, but we are submariners and can handle it. We made it. The ships have past. Time to order the sub to surface. We reach the surface and I’d grab the hatch wheel, spin it and open the top hatch. It’s a beautiful evening as we stroll along the subs plank. Maybe we shouldn’t have torpedoed so many ships…hope they’ll forget about it before we hit Hawaii.

It’s night time now, time to entertain my guests. I will serve my guests cocktails and dinner in the front quarters. With one switch all the outside lights will turn on and we can see the darkened ocean come to life. As we travel the ocean’s depth we could see giant squid, octopus, sharks, schools of fish and whales, maybe we can even say hello to Mr. Narwhal, although he generally likes colder waters. The party 1,000 feet down would be classic and last all night. You could blast the music as loud as you wanted as there are no neighbors to complain and actually fish like hip-hop.  We could cruise underwater for days, even weeks at a time. Upon reaching Hawaii I would surface the sub outside a great break and take my surfboard out and ride waves. For my friends who don’t surf they could try seahorse riding which is terribly exciting. Owning a submarine would be hyper-cool and the sights would be so different than above water. That is what I would do with my new found million$.



  1. Interesting choice for using your new found millions since a submarine is the one place you wouldn’t get me to go on. Perhaps that is the point… LOL I loved the creativity in this one.

  2. Dang this dream started out all happy, but then killing people with torpedoes? Talk about going from good to evil VERY fast!

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