You may or may not have seen this in the news, it really caught my attention. A Michigan woman (22-year old) wore a Boston Marathon costume to her job on Halloween last Thursday. The costume included blood stains on her legs, running outfit and other parts of her body. She then posted a picture of herself on Twitter and soon it began raining insults. ” You should be ashamed, my mother lost both her legs and I almost died in the marathon. You need a filter”, “As someone who experienced it first hand , I can’t see how a mentally stable person can think it’s ok”. That is just the tip, the costume went viral and thousands weighed in with their opinions. To make matters worse this young woman, Alicia, had earlier posted her drivers license on twitter so people knew where she lived…her last name is not Einstein. Then things got worse. She was fired from her job and began receiving numerous threats including a threat to have her throat slashed, her whole family killed, and to have her hung from a Boston lamp post. Alicia was not living at home but her parents and family received numerous insults because of the address on her drivers license. Just a side note – her handle name on twitter is SomeSkankinMi…no fooling.

Here’s my take on this – 1) She’s 22… 22 year olds make stupid decisions, 2) As Chris Brown has said ” I don’t agree with it it, but I understand it”, 3) People who make anonymous death threats or threaten to brutalize a family over a costume are the real jerks, 4) She lives in a free country, 5) IT’S HALLOWEEN. Alicia did post an apology, ” I wasn’t thinking” and sounded overwhelmed by the attention she received and shut down her twitter account. The meanness, vulgarity, and being internet bullies was more classless than the costume. It’s amazing what people will write if they don’t have to be accountable. I mean what if this girl was to feel so persecuted that she takes her own life? This is the worst part of the story to me…how many nut-jobs are out there. I read the majority of the comments and it is really disturbing to read; slicing someone’s throat, killing their family, using every swear word and derogatory references to women. There were a fair share of comments supporting her decision what to wear on Halloween in a free country, but they also agreed it was a classless costume. Here’s another observation… Don’t put your personal information on the internet. I would be more upset at my kids for this than any costume they wore.

I have always enjoyed Halloween costume parties and have seen a lot of “classless” costumes such as the Dead Kennedy’s,  Jeffrey Daumer, Treyvon Martin (this year), The McMartin family after the alleged child molestation charges in Manhattan Beach, KKK costumes, and Nazi outfits (by Prince Harry of all people). There is always the non-stop line-up of zombies, skeletons, and witches which I’m sure are offensive to some people out there. Alicia could have used better judgement in choosing a costume, but she did not violate anyone’s rights or injure anyone…it was a halloween costume. The freedom people now have to anonymously bully people over the internet is disturbing to me.  Another side note – I follow the Lakers, Dodgers, and Kings on Instagram and if you ever read people’s comments it sounds like a mental institution writing class. Non-stop swearing, threats, name calling in the lowest form. I feel confident that this is a minority of people who are frustrated in their own lives and the majority are quiet and have respect for fellow people…God, I hope so.



  1. All I can say about this 22 yr old is…she did not use her brain! I know, I know….Halloween is “day of the dead” and “all hallows eve”…My ex and I are guilty of dressing up one year as Bonnie and Clyde…toting cap guns and pretending to be big and bad….worse costumes EVER!…I got more of a kick out of a couple that came as M&M’s….Plain & With Nuts….It reminded me of simpler days when growing up, I would always dress up as a Hawaiian Girl, complete with grass skirt! Simple, Easy, Fun costume and it never went out of style! I think the key word here is “discern”…and the brain of a 22 yr old is honestly NOT fully developed (not that that is an excuse)…Like the saying goes, live and learn.

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