The Byrds

Concerts can either be a lot of fun or a total drag. The easiest way to make it a total drag is to announce at the beginning of the concert that the group is releasing a new album and will be playing all the new songs from it – bummer. First of all you have spent $150.00 on a pair of tix to see a group you have loved for years and know their hits by heart. After paying another $20.00 for parking and getting a “buzz” on before the show you are psyched to have a good night. Seats are decent, crowd is excited, your with a good friend…all the stars are lining up. This will be a classic time. Then BAMM…the lead singer announces how excited they are about releasing a new album after so many years. What? A new album after 15-years and the drummer has written the majority of the songs. What could be worse? Oh, that’s it, they will perform all acoustic tonight. Don’t want to hear that, please make it untrue. I’ve bought every album (yes, album), had posters up on my wall (since moved to the garage), bought a $40.00 t-shirt at the last concert, and this is what I get…crappy new acoustic songs. This is fraud, false advertising, rip-off…REFUND. I just want to hear the group’s hits from 1-15 in order of my favorites with #1 played again during the encore. I’ve suddenly lost my buzz, anger is kicking in and I can’t walk out because my car is pinned in 5-deep. My overly optimistic buddy says something moronic like “Maybe the new songs will be great also”…Bullshit. Anything all acoustic will get old before the first song ends and the chances of new songs being any good are 100-to-1.

I want to leave but I would never get out of the parking lot and my friend wants to stay, so I stay and it gets worse. On the very first song the lead singer is yelling in his microphone for everyone to stand up…hate that…only thing worse is when they ask you to clap your hands and swing your arms back and forth and here it comes in the middle of the song. That isn’t fair if the song sucks. Am I going to be standing for the whole concert or will others agree this night is going south fast? Fortunately all the standers and clappers are overtaken by the suckiness that is testing new songs on a audience. After each song the cheering is softer until one or two or three people shout out ” play Close to the Edge”, “play Satisfaction”, ” play Whole Lotta Love”…just play a hit we can get up on our own and cheer about. They never figure it out. Night ruined, money wasted, too messed up to find my car and I just ripped my $40.00 groupie t-shirt on the way out.  RULE #1 – Classic groups MUST play their classic hits at a concert. Forcing an audience to listen to crappy new songs makes it legal to rush the stage, beat the crap out of the band … acoustically, like shoving a guitar pick in their ear or a harmonica up their blow-hole.

PRIZE – Name the group in the picture above and get a mention in an upcoming blog, or not, just name them if your a music junkie ( members included Jim McGuin, David Crosby & Gram Parsons)  .



  1. I doubt any of us actually knew it was “The Byrds” we all probably just right-clicked the picture and saw the image file name.

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