LawnmowerOne of the last things I want to hear after a bad accident is the standard question,    “Are you OK?”.  Imagine being at a friend’s house and going out to the backyard where he is mowing the lawn. You surprise him as you say hello and the mower runs over your foot nearly severing several toes. Blood is everywhere and is squirting out of your foot like a garden hose. You are almost in shock when you hear that most obvious of questions…Are you OK?  “Yeah, I’m fine…is the mower alright?”  “Sure, just great…why do you ask?”   “I’m OK…much worse things can happen.”

“NO, I’m not alright you freakin’ moron, you nearly took my foot off…get me to a hospital”  ” Take a look for yourself…does it look OK to you?”  ” Could we please stare at my foot a little longer before we do anything”

Or your standing on the sidewalk and an air conditioning unit falls out of an apartment window right above you landing on your head. “Are you OK?”  “Yeah, just fine, in fact I feel a lot cooler now”.   “Good thing the hospital is close, gives me more time to lay here and bleed out of my ears and nose”.  ” Should we tell the owner where their air conditioner is?”.

“No, I’m not OK, a f-in air conditioner just fell 10 feet straight on my head. I could be dead in 10-minutes. Could you maybe help me rather than asking if I’m OK? Isn’t it a little obvious when you see a crushed skull that I’m not OK?”

When you see someone who has just suffered a terrible accident maybe try asking “Can I help?”


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