jockstrapWhen did these go out of style and how come nobody told me about it? I started to work out and the first day in the locker room I put on my classic jock strap with the penis cup and two straps going over the butt and a comedy club broke out. The whole place was cracking up and I was the headliner. I didn’t even know what compression shorts were, needless to say everyone under the age of 55 have been wearing them for years. I had no defense, just memories of shooting a jock strap across the room by pulling the strap like a sling-shot, or shoving it in someone’s face and asking what it smelled like. Or the best was to rub instant heat balm on the inside and wait for the pain to kick in. We also enjoyed writing our friend’s name in bold inside the strap and shooting it from second floor into busy quad area. Old locker room memories. Jock Strap out…compression shorts in.


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